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Elegant, young and unconventional


An accessory that can clearly be defined as young and funny!
The handkerchief was often used in the past as an additional accessory for an elegant suit; now it has become a promotional accessory that can be worn at any occasion or event.


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Characteristics and production standards

To match ties and reproduce any typology of logo, our handkerchiefs can be made in Jacquard silk or printed silk*.


The standard size varies from 27 cm to 33 cm per side, according to your needs.
The pocket handkerchief is a versatile accessory. It can be matched to a tie by using the same fabric or it can be made completely different to make a person’s look more lively, or it can even replace the tie itself.

According to your request, the handkerchief hem will be completely handmade or made by a machine stitch.


Minimum quantities and production time

As for the other accessories, the minimum production quantity is 250 pieces independent of the drawing and fabric you have chosen.


The graphical design and production costs are included in the price. The production will be carried out within 5-7 weeks from the confirmation for your graphical design. If you wish, we can also provide you with customized packaging with your logo.


* We can also produce, upon request, polyester handkerchiefs. The quality and technical characteristics of the product will be unchanged.